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Most hidden object games are just randomly placed objects on a cute background. The ForeverScape is a hyper-detailed painting in real life that’s literally larger than the Titanic. Think you’re good at finding things? Prove it by playing this epic, one of a kind scavenger hunt. Sarcastic, animated characters will goad you along the way.
The ForeverScape is an intricately detailed, 18 story tall painting consisting of over 1,000 individual tiles that all connect. It’s so big, the only way to see it all, is to shrink it into the palm of your hand. Explore with free-roaming mode, or play it on your AppleTV via AirPlay mirroring. Just hit play and sit back.
Jump through the artist’s waypoints to read his commentary and see other documentary content like time-lapse videos. You can leave your own mark on the ‘scape by dropping your own comment pins and sharing them with links in text or on social media.
You can even snap pictures, crop, and save them to your album.
Explore the world's longest ongoing painting. It’s a non-traditional, highly surreal instant classic. It’s the first of its kind brought into the new Millennium as a mobile app. It's over 3.5 football fields long... what have you been doing?
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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later


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