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Please Click On An Ad every once and a while if you don't intend to upgrade!! They pay for the app and keep free versions like this available for you. Thank you.
Important Operation Information:
This May Not Work On Newer Operating Systems!! As They Have Stricter Security!! Always Try This Version First Before Buying Premium!! Many internet service providers provide open wifi signals for limited trial runs , as xfinity. This app extends those trials to gives you the richest online experience ever. No Root Required !! Just find and connect to the network, specifically xfinitywifi, and the app will do the rest. ATTENTION!! THIS IS A TRIAL VERSION AND WILL ONLY LAST FOR A FEW DAYS!! If you like it, please upgrade to premium which is named 'Unlimited WiFi Trials.' Thank You.
Trouble Shooting Connecting
1) Refresh Wifi - Turn it off then back on
2) Search for a Stronger Signal - Move around in search of a stronger signal
3) Weather Conditions - Stormy weather may interfere with connecting. Wait for better conditions
4) Please Give app all Permissions to ensure complete operation.
5) Please ensure your clock is right. You will not be given acces to the login page if xfinity suspects your clock has been tappered with.



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0 or later


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