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To transfer data from the watch to companion phone follow the steps:
1. make sure the watch is connected to phone via Android Wear App
2. first open the app on the phone
3. second open the app on the watch
Now you can see on the phone, that new entrances from the watch are appearing in the history list. Once transferred to the phone, the watch deletes the data from the own storage.
GPS Speedy Nitro provides accurate indication of speed when using multiple GPS satellites.
This speedometer never disappoint. Very reliable and accurate, better than the rate in the onboard computer, which comes close to reality by wheel speed calculation. This may differ from the actual speed, because the wheel size changes dynamically, or by differences in tire pressure or tire size.
In addition, this speedometer is also indispensable for cycling, long-distance running or gliding. You have the possibility to adjust the maximum speed value of the display to your own needs between 30 and 300.
Choose your favorite unit MPH vs. KM/H.
A histogram gets available by swiping from right to left w one finger motion, showing the history list of the driven tracks. Just choose on one of them. By touching on the graph under the map, you are teleported to the point of interest and informed about the driven speed there.
An accurate statistical data like the total time, driven distance and max. achieved speed are displayed in a separate window.
The history is being stored automatically for an extended period of time and can be deleted if necessary.
Share your driven track with friends, whether by Facebook or Whatsapp, there are no limitations.
An ultimate personalization feature is offered by choosing your individual colors for the speedometer. Single display portions can be customized by color. Take the choice for the background pattern either. Any conceivable color, whether the colors of your car, your bike or running shoes is available for a trimming. Make your speedometer to a part of your life.
6 preset colors are of course also presented thematically.
GPS Speedy Nitro always shows the actual speed. Needs a few seconds to seek the satellite, but then takes off with unparalleled perfection. Download the GPS Speedy Nitro and enjoy the class of this great GPS speedometer.
Head Up Display - for night vision in the car
Taking over of colors from a photo of any objects, f.e. bicycle colors



الإصدار: 3.4.0

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later


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