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To improve your knowledge in the German language and do not forget received skills were created these free tests, which are suitable for people with levels A1, A2 and B1. One of the main features of the German language is the regularity of training and exercises, if you miss a couple of weeks of training you have to re-remember things already learned. Because of the fast pace of life does not always have time to sit down and do some work. So it is very convenient to use a smartphone or tablet for activities such as public transport, at work, in the park, and so on. It is important to fix the theoretical lessons with practical exercises.
Also, after reaching a certain level of knowledge is difficult to understand what moments you missed and what weaknesses need to be removed, so you need to constantly test yourself. This app contains questions, pictures, puzzles on different subjects, so do not get bored and will be useful.
Tests by guessing pictures and grammar exercises are voiced in German, it will allow you to improve your pronunciation, repeat several times to the similarity with the original. The puzzles will help check your vocabulary.
Be sure to regular practice, talk, write, listen to the program in the German language, and your progress will increase rapidly from the A1 and A2, B1, and to continue!
It is very important for the development of new applications and development are your ratings and comments.
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