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✱ Hey, girls! Are you tired of your old, boring “lock screen”? Well, this is the most beautiful way to breathe new life into it! The ✸ Glitter Keypad App Lock Screen ✸ is a wonderful new “lock screen for girls” specially designed for a style icon like yourself! It will adorn your display with tiny little sparkles and diamonds to make it look like you bought in a jewelry store! You will simply be enchanted with its staggering beauty every time you unlock your phone or tablet device. It is the most amazing “app for girls” you can get! And you know what else? It is totally free of charge! So, what are you waiting for? Tap on that download button, and match the glamour of your phone with that of your personal style! This is an absolute must-have “lock screen app” for all girls!
✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃ ✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳
How to install the “glitter lock screen”:
1. Firstly, open the application;
2. Check the 'Enable lock screen' box;
3. Set your password for maximum security;
4. Enjoy your phone's new look!
The attributes of ✸ Glitter Keypad App Lock Screen ✸:
❃ A substantial of trendy “glitter wallpapers” for a screen locker!
❃ Enable the screen lock the moment you enter this application!
❃ Tons of twinkling lock screen backgrounds for girls!
❃ Select the most beautiful glossy wallpapers for your locked cellphone!
❃ Easy to customize, most affordable app for you!
✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃ ✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳
✱ It may be that the ✸ Glitter Keypad App Lock Screen ✸ is a gorgeous looking “keypad lock app”, but it is not, however, all hat and no cattle. It indeed keeps your files and documents exceptionally well protected from any unwelcome intruders. Just choose your “keypad password” and you can rest assured no one can get to your personal files if you don't allow them. We advise making the password longer, since it will make it more difficult for intruders to get to your pictures, messages, songs, etc. You might want to hurry with the installation. You never know when some hackers might try to break into your device! Get it for free and relax knowing that your files are well secured.
✱ We all know that “glitter themes” for pretty much anything work really well, but what makes glitter sparkle? Why is it so pleasing to the eye? Well, here's a little bit about your favorite decoration. Glitter consists of hundreds (sometimes even thousands or tens of thousands) of small chunks of varied materials. Some of the most recurrent materials for creating glitter are foil, plastics, various oxides and dioxides, and many more. Then, some metallic colors are applied to them so that they gain the ability to reflect light. After that, they separate the sheets of those materials into very tiny bits, and those bits then reflect light collectively to make them sparkle and give out flamboyant colors all around. They are mostly used in crafting and art, glitter but cosmetics is another branch where they can come in handy. People very often war glitter make-up or apply nail polish embellished with glitter. If you want to look sparkly, look no further than adding some glitter to your clothes or body, and same goes for your device!
✱ Become the fashion queen of smartphones with the phenomenal ✸ Glitter Keypad App Lock Screen ✸! You can be the personal designer of your device with this “glitter keypad lock screen”, and let your imagination run wild!



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later


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