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TripMoneyAdvisor - is a mobile app and group of services, which provides the possibility to plan your trip somewhere according to your planned expenses. Also it provides navigation possibilities.
Very often tourist asks himself: “How much money do I need to travel to some city?” and also “How do I need to plan my trip to some city to see more attractions in a limited time?”. These two questions are very common for people who are going to travel somewhere. In the Android market there are a lot of apps, which provide the possibility to plan trips by tourists, with big databases of attractions and places. But these services have two big shortcomings:
- they don’t provide any info about how much money tourist should spend for visiting attractions (for example the price of tickets to museums, the price of meals in restaurants etc);
- the average tourist spends too much time planning his trip, according to his planned expenses, working time of attractions and distances between them. These days with everyone so busy - time is going to be very valuable thing.
TripMoneyAdvisor answers the above questions and solves the above problems. It provides a big database of well-prepared, validated trips, which includes detailed information, about hours of visiting attractions, money which can be spent there, with descriptions and photos. In terms of TripMoneyAdvisor - trip is planned route in some city, with list of attractions, which has set specific time to visit and prices. It simplifies the life of the tourist - you just need to enter the budget which you can spend and city which you are going to visit and TripMoneyAdvisor will propose you a lot of trips with set specific budget. After selection you can save trip on your phone and use navigation functions of TripMoneyAdvisor to travel offline. You don't need any internet connection, because part of the required map and trip data will be saved locally.



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