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Hand Lettering Art Design ideas is an application will share you about many lettering fonts, lettering designs, hand typography, lettering graphic design, and many more
Do you love fonts and typography font and lettering or calligraphy lettering design? if yes, then you like to play with type and lettering - loving fonts, especially is your hobby will make you not have a boring time because when you are boring, you can makes your typography art.
In this application you'll find the best typography design and calligraphy design ideas. You'll also learn graphic designer tricks of the trade, and how to create cool word art using dingbat fonts and clip art or manipulated typeface characters.
Hand Lettering font - Your Own Handwriting
Many of us dislike our own handwriting, especially as nowadays we seem to use keyboards much more than our penmanship. However, your handwriting is part of who you are and it is a worthwhile thing to use it as the basis of your journal lettering. It is surprising how much you can improve the appearance of your hand lettering art with a little highlighting and embellishment. If it really is awful, then you could always change it.
The trick to a good-looking journal page is to leave a space or spaces for adding your writing. In the space draw some wavy guidelines with a black pen. Use a pencil if you prefer – you can either go over it with black pen or you can erase them completely. When you write, make your letters go from the top to the bottom guideline as shown in the picture. Also mix up upper case and lowercase as this gives the lettering an odd, quirky look that is particularly appealing on an art page.
Embellish the lettering by filling in the closed loops with color, thicken parts of the letters. Use a white pen or a metallic gel pen to highlight where imaginary light might be touching the letters. You could also use a light gray marker to add a little shadow to the opposite edge of the letters. Suddenly your handwriting has more substance about it.



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