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Hanuman Chalisa is a poetic composition in praise of Hanuman. It consists of 40 Shlokas, written by Goswami Tulasidas. It believed that he composed Hanuman chalisa during Kumbhamela in Haridwara in a state of Samadhi.
Hanuman chalisa must be recited after taking a shower in the morning or evening.
During difficult planetary periods of Shani like Sade Sathi, Saturn Mahadasa and antradasas, Recitation of Hanuman chalisa helps to overcome the difficulties and obstacles.
Reciting Hanuman Chalisa for 8 times on Saturdays during these periods is a good remedy.
There is an interesting story behind this.Ravana kept Shani in the prison in Lanka,as some body warned him of the impending evil effects of lord shani.
When Hanuman visted Lanka, he freed Shani from the prison.Shani, pleased by this ,had given a promise to hanuman that , those who worship Hanuman will not be affected by Shani.
One should have faith in god and correct attitude are a must to get the results.Many devotees have experienced the miracles after chanting Hanuman chalisa.



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