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Get your Better Than Ever Life with this revolutionary health coaching app from Health Coach Institute.
Unlike most nutrition, fitness or health tracking apps, the Better Than Ever app creates ease in your new health routine by removing the harsh calorie counts, the anxiety striking “step on the scale today” reminders, daily footstep tracking, and the pre-programmed goals meant to fit every body.
But here’s the problem with those out-dated health tracking apps, NO bodies are exactly the same! The way to create habit change is through feeling into your own inner wisdom and Health Coaches can help you turn up the volume of that voice inside. AND- The best part of using this app to create your health results, is you have a professional Health Coach on the other end cheering you on.
The Better Than Ever app was originally developed by Carey Peters and Stacey Morgenstern, the Co-Founders of Health Coach Institute, the world’s leading health coach training school. With their foundations, your personal Health Coach has adapted a version of this tool specifically for you!
It’s time to break-up with the standard diet and customize your Better Than Ever life with this phenomenal tool.
The Better Than Ever app gives you all the tools you need to:
• Stop wishing for change in your health and start experiencing it
• Trust the process and track your journey with hand-held journaling
• Simplify a “healthy lifestyle” with daily play-by-play plans and manageable action steps
• Learn how to eat intuitively by listening to your body and reading the signals
• Stop Google-searching healthy habits and get answers straight from the source
• Finally break free from diet or fitness prison
All this at your fingertips!
It’s like having your own personal nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, trainer, therapist and coach in your back pocket!
Get ready to optimize your health, ditch the diet mentality and heal your relationship with food and your body in the process.



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