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IELTS writing test - a unique app that help you to build your confidence. This app help you to plan your study as well as preparation.
Also provides sample content of writing.
It is offline application which contain RSS feed so It it easy for 2 generation internet users. IELTS writing contain writing samples of different band. It also contain tips and basic study of IELTS writing.
A wide range of innovative and interactive exercises that help you work on the essential skills needed for the IELTS exam.
Each skill is explained andcomes with examples and an interactive exercise.
Practise answering a full range of question types that you can expect to find in the IELTS exam.
This is our initial version. We are excited for new suggestion. kindly mail us your ideas and we will add in next update.
IELTS in Australia
IELTS in Azerbaijan
IELTS in Canada
IELTS in China
IELTS in Ecuador
IELTS in Egypt
IELTS in Ethiopia
IELTS in Georgia
IELTS in Ghana
IELTS in India
IELTS in Iran
IELTS in Italy
IELTS in Japan
IELTS in Kazakhstan
IELTS in Korea
IELTS in Kuwait
IELTS in Lithuania
IELTS in Malaysia
IELTS in New Zealand
IELTS in Nigeria
IELTS in Philippines
IELTS in Romania
IELTS in Saudi Arabia
IELTS in Singapore
IELTS in Sri Lanka



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