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Incogo is a social media platform purpose built to reflect the way we interact in our real lives.
Unlike other platforms, on Incogo, we don’t follow people’s profiles. Instead, we support people’s journeys. We all know that social media profiles are an idealized version of ourselves. Journeys, however, are true actions that we are living here and now.
We are all making and supporting many journeys in life. Whether it’s daily aspirations like improving fitness or learning something new, sharing hopes and dreams like finding a job or having a baby to coping with complex life struggles such as battling an illness or fighting an addiction, the combination of different journeys happening in our lives is unique.
Journeys can be private or public. A private journey is totally confidential. No one can find or see a private journey unless they are personally invited by the journey maker. On Incogo, we can choose which of our real life friends to invite to each particular journey. That way we are able to share the multiple aspects of our personality the same way we would in real life.
Public journeys are open for the whole world to see. They are our opportunity to share the more public side of our personality and perhaps inspire people everywhere.
Once we start seeing our lives as many different journeys happening at once, Incogo becomes a digital reflection. Over time, we will be able look back, reflect and reminisce.
Incogo. Social media for your real life.



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0 or later


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