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Indian Browser is 1st Made in India browser developed by patriot Indian Company in supporting Make in India movement. So please support Indian Browser at maximum level. Indian Browser is a 1st full fledge browser in its kind.
Indian Browser is a Fastest Mobile Browser among all current browsers in the market. Also Indian Browser will save 50% Data while you browse the internet by using Indian Browser.
Indian Browser is 100% Secure Browser. It also has Private Browsing Mode so that no one know the browsing history. Indian Browser comes with tons of new features.
Indian Browser has unique feature like Ad Blocker. Unlike other browsers, Ad Blocker will help you to block all unwanted POPUP Ads while you’re browsing and give you seamless access to the website.
Indian Browser will help you to manage all your Facebook Notifications from the browser if you register using Facebook login.
Indian Browser will help you to maintain Bookmarks, Browsing History, Downloaded Videos Copy and Share content straight from the browser.
1. Speed Mode (Fast Browsing)
2. Data Save Mode
3. Private Mode.
4. Secure Browser
5. Desktop Mode
6. Ad Blocker
7. Facebook Notifications
8. Capture Screen
9. Add to Bookmarks
10. Unlimited Tabs
11. Download Video
12. Save for Later
13. Browsing History
14. Copy, Share Content or Web Page
15. Translate
Speed Mode: Speed Mode will help you browse the internet at high speed so you can browse any web page at lightning speed. This mode will reduce webpage loading time.
Data Save Mode: Indian Browser will help you save upto 50% Data while browsing. It saves lot of data and help you browsing at low internet speed. Its a best option while you browse in 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi Networks.
Private Mode: Indian Browser will help you secure your browsing history while you browsing using Private Mode. This mode will not save any data anywhere in the browser so you can enable this mode if you want to browse private content.
Secure Browser: Indian Browser is a Secure Browser. India Browser will secure your phone from viruses and other threats while you’re browsing. It will alert you when you’re trying to browse un secure websites.
Ad Blocker: While you’re browsing any news sites or other unknown site you will see lot of ads popping up abruptly but Ad Blocker in Indian Browser will help you block unwanted POPUPs and give you seamless reading experience.
Facebook Notifications: The unique feature in Indian Browser is Facebook Notifications. While you register using Facebook then you would able to see and manage all your FB Notifications in Indian Browser.
Screen Capture: When you’re browsing interesting article in the internet and if you want to capture the screen then its very simple just use Screen Capture option from menu and capture the required part of the screen and save it.
Bookmarks: Bookmarks will help you to save all your favourite websites or web links under Bookmarks section. Its easy to Bookmark any of the website.
Unlimited Tabs: Indian Browser will help you open unlimited tabs while you browse and its easy to navigate from one tab to another tab. Unlimited Tabs will help you browse as many websites as possible simultaneously.
Download Video: While you're browsing, if you like some video then just use Download option of the Video and it will save the video into Download Video section of the Indian Browser. Its very easy for managing downloaded videos from one section.
Browsing History: Its easy to track all your browsing history date wise and you can re open any website from your browsing history.
Copy, Share Content and Webpage: Now you can copy or share any browsing content with simple Copy, Share option on the browser.
Translate: This option is very handy when you’re browsing other than english language websites.



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