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Duaa in islam means "invocation" and for muslims is an act of supplication, Duaa is an arabic word (دعاء). you can use any dua as songs , notification, alarm prayer is a set of ritual moves practiced five times everyday, but quran dua'e on the other side is an islamic way to feel that connected to God at anytime.
Duaa if for all believers, humanity, family, friends, strangers, those in critical circumstance.With duaa you can ask god for forgiveness When making the duaa it is acceptable Duaas mercy, Muslims call on god frequently any place everywhere duaa islam mp3 is not an obligation but if you are Sinful or have haraam income and food you must. "You Alone do we worship and You Alone do we ask for help. (Quran 1:5)" benefits of Dua you call God demanding whatever you needs are as: Duaas for success, islamic duaa sms, islamic duaas for stress, Duaa qunoot, Dua for Ramadan of just express your gratefulness to making duaa to God.
Prophets, Duaa
Mishary Alafas
Duaa Al Afasy
duaa al sabah
duaa al istikhara
duaa al faraj
dua al safar 
Dua Qunoot
Duaa & Athkar
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