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** Welcome to the new JW APP ** access to English , French and Portuguese.
  After the first version of our App and success that it has had more than 20,000 downloads worldwide in less than a month, we decided to take a leap and offer the people of Jehovah something much better for everyone.
  It has made a huge effort, and invested hundreds of hours of work and dedication, but now we have the App village more fully Jehovah exists worldwide. Now you'll be able to bookmark any magazine, book, publication, Song, Melody, Drama, Bible reading and more.
  *** This App JW will impact you, test it and not regret it. If you like rate us with 5 Stars and share with all the brothers you know for everyone to enjoy ***
With this JW App you can read, hear or download:
- Press Jevova Witnesses worldwide.
- Text Journal, the Bible, Publications and weekly program.
- Any publication or magazine, sorted by year and month.
- Publications of the Ministry of the Kingdom, sorted by year and month.
- Books, brochures, yearbooks and more ...
You can also:
- Read the Bible Teachings sorted by category.
- Check frequently asked questions about Jehovah's Witnesses JW.
- Ask Bible courses, consult Kingdom Halls, contact offices of the Witnesses.
- Access to all videos sorted by topics
And to top You can JW from within App:
- To hear and download all Jehovah Songs sorted by number.
- To hear and download all sorted Volume Melodies.
- Hear and download any drama or Bible reading.
- Access to all Podcast JW.
- Watch live TV JW Broadcasting in Spanish.
- Display in the App monthly JW Broadcasting programs in Spanish.
- Direct access to the web JW Broadcasting.
* This is an "unofficial" App and is considered as the most comprehensive on the market, is free 100% done for enjoyment and spreading the word of the Lord and does not store any type of publication, magazine or content. * This App is 100% free and only rearranges the content of the free and public * This app only connects content, not to alter or modify the content never under any circumstances. * All content is shown in the free public web for everyone.



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