Jahannum Ke Pujari

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Jahannum Ke Pujari is written by A Hameed who is very famous in writing thriller. "Jahannum Ke Pujari" is the title name of this Urdu novel which means the worshiper of hell. This Urdu novel is authored by A. Hameed who is best known for his thriller stories. Abdul Hameed has written different types of Urdu novels including horror novels, spy novels, and adventurous Urdu novels.
This is a horror Urdu story of a fire worshiper who wants to be a black magician. This is the story of a fire worshiper whose name is Jamshed. Jamshed is also the protagonist of this story. Jamshed belongs to the ancient sect of fire worshipper. But he is interested in black magic. For this, he studies different books of black magic. He is in search for a book of some chant and mantra, and finally, he found such a book. Now he wants to become a magician by doing an unusual and most horrible meditation inside an old grave. But everything goes wrong during his meditation, and a horrible trouble begins.
Jahanam Ke Pujari Urdu novel will keep your interest until the end of this novel.



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