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JollyApp is a powerful conversational commerce platform. It is a mobile app that "does it all" for its users through chatbots.Those who have JollyApp installed on their phones, have an efficient system which keeps track of everything they ask it to. It also gets a whole lot of things done with just one click. JollyApp has received one of the highest number of votes of any app in this category, thanks to its extremely efficient services and its numerous tie-ups with reputed companies.
Just a few of the things JollyApp can do for you are :
• Reminds you of important appointments;
• Creates a daily To-Do List;
• Fills your appointment diary with reminders of meetings, business lunches, Club meets and family events;
• Sets wake-up reminders;
• Gives medical assistance – keep medical records, set medical reminders;
• Gives you the location of the nearest pharmacy, doctors and hospitals;
• Gives you daily health tips;
• Gives you the latest news and happening events in India and around the world
• Gives you the latest cricket scores and sports news;
• It finds the nearest ATM, and/or locate the nearest banks;
• Directs you to the nearest hotels, inns or restaurants;
• Directs you to nightclubs and/or bars;
• Pinpoints the nearest police stations;
• Its “Ask Me” is an interactive service that covers Word Search, General Knowledge and basic mathematics.
It is an efficient app which takes care of all the little details you have no time for thus making your task simpler.



الإصدار: 1.0

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0.3 or later


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