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Pregnancy Calculator is an application with counter pregnancy calendar method is to use the First Day of Last Menstrual (HPHT) which are based on a calculation formula Neagele.
Pregnancy Calculator in the application, there are two kinds of tools are available, namely Calculator Pregnancy and Pregnancy Calendar Playback.
1. Pregnancy Calculator
The first tool is a Pregnancy Calculator. You only need to enter the First Day of Last Menstrual (HPHT) and the distance between your menstrual silus usually in the column that has been provided to see the results.
Excess use Pregnancy Calculator you can:
a. Calculating probable date of conception (fertilization)
b. Calculating the end of the first and second trimester
c. Estimating Fetal Age (from the date of conception)
This calculator is able to calculate the gestational age from the date of conception / fertilization more accurately. This is more effective than your medical formula calculates the manual of you may know.
d. How long your pregnancy (from the first day of the last menstrual cycle / HPHT)
Calculate the gestational age based on the date of the First Day of Last Menstrual (HPHT) with a more practical way without using the formula / manual.
e. Estimating the date of delivery
2. Rotate Pregnancy Calendar
Pregnant Calendar swivel is a tool commonly used in the clinic or hospital to calculate gestational age and birth day forecast (HPL). Play Pregnant with Calendar, you can assess the condition of the fetus and calculate the baby's birth date.
Pregnancy Calculator app only provides an overview of the standard calculation in determining gestational age. For more detailed calculations, consult your gynecologist.



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