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1.Where and how to keep the broom
3.Find out when and how to mop
4.Lakshmi would be happy at the tricks and you will be rich
5.Laxmi create money out of home to get the money to foot
6.Do not take lightly the hand of these marks, they easily leads on to fortune
7.Lakshmi herself before suddenly rich makes a mark in the hand
8.Look deeply into the finger of the hand when it's telling you how much money will
9.Secret Navratri: The tricks will lodge in the house money
10.If you receive property or money will suddenly such dreams
11.The small Ganesh Spells large monetized job or business
12.Wealth enrichment infallible tricks
13.Your luck will shine just a bun
14.Those are the hands Hardshell
15.The black yarn in a few days will brighten your destiny and will make rich
16.Very few people have the luck and money, at the foot of the line



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