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This app - Learn College Physics - contains a hugely popular Textbook, College Physics, a course material published by OpenStax and used in major universities across US. You can use the textbook for the main subject, or for independent study.
The contents are structured in such a way as to provide students with a solid foundation in Physics to help them pursue higher courses.
The specialty of this app is that this also contains videos, curated from YouTube, very relevant to the subject.
Since many topics on Physics are covered with lessons, exercises and videos, students can use this app as a reference tool for getting clarity in concepts and also for last minute revision before exams. Can also be used as independent study tool by self-learners.
Source: OpenStax College, College Physics. OpenStax CNX. - available under CC BY SA 4.0 license.
(NOTE TO TEACHERS: If you are a teacher, this app will be a boon for you as this will help you pick up new tricks and new insights on how to explain the topics better from fellow educators across the globe.)
Why You Will Love This App:
• This app contains the textbook that has been made available for students online in
public domain. You get quality textbooks free of cost which you can read anytime,
• You can get your doubts cleared, concepts reinforced and knowledge retained in a far
effective manner, because not only you get to read a quality textbook, but you also
you get to watch many videos, each with distinct style of teaching.
• You get to understand complex topics easily, reading lessons and then listening to
expert tutors.
• You missed your classes due to some reason? You can now keep pace with your
school/college teacher by reading lessons and watching the videos regularly.
• The app covers wide variety of topics. Enough material for homeschooling. And to
help you score high in exams.
This Is Like Having A Tutor In Your Pocket !
*****The app requires WiFi/3G/Internet connection and is supported by ads. Lessons are
available offline though some Math formulas/notations may require net connection.
***** Very ideal for devices with large screens.
******Please Be Patient When The App Loads For First Time. The App Will Load Fast On
Subsequent Uses.
This app is a GREAT BLESSING for students who cannot afford costly textbooks or private tutors. So, please don't give negative remarks/low rating and prevent the reach of this app. If you have a critical point to make, please don't post them here, but please mail us !



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