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'Money Trails' increases the independence of people with mental disabilities, including autism, dementia and people recovering from strokes by guiding them through their daily routine. Easy and straightforward computation of the amount of money you owe to or expect to receive from a particular individual
'Money Trail' is an idea to digitize the lender/borrower details, so that one cannot forget their debits/credits, they owe to lenders or borrowers.
Create step-by-step instructions and times for daily lender/borrower reminders and users check them off as they approaches the time throughout the day.
An app that allows you to be aware of the money you have lent other people, friends, etc. It's quite easy to use. You just need to make an account, and then simply add in details about the cash you've lent someone, and you're done. The app will do the rest of the work.
• Clear Details for Lenders/borrower.
• Clean and easy- to-read screens
• Ability to check off lenders/borrower stats as they are completed
• Add Lenders/borrower record and their complete details.
• See which lender/borrower are cleared.
• Create, edit or delete a lender/borrower record
• Set Reminder Alarm for lender/borrower delivery time.
• View and plan lenders/borrowers
Including following features :
- Can easily Add/Modify Lenders/borrower.
- Get notified when specific lender/borrower reached their date for lent/loan.
- Listing all lenders/borrower, by sorting them end date wise of sublet.
- Easy to use, its more like a cash log manager.
- Works offline.
- App data modifications secured by pin key.
- Can get debit/credits.



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0 or later


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