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Expert medical advice for your child's health
Little Dot platform provides you with expert medical advice for your child by consulting top medical experts and it allows you to keep track of your child's growth and development in a free digital diary. Different medical pieces of advice are adjusted to an individual, with maximum discretion and personal data protection.
• Anytime and anywhere
• No waiting lines
• 100% fast and safe
• Consulting the medical experts is enabled via three services:
o Short consultation – in a form of a short message
o Call an expert – a real-time phone call
o Expert analysis/ expertise – a thorough examination of the medical documentation and the described health condition
• You choose the medical expert to consult. In order to choose more easily, a detailed resume is available next to the expert's name.
• In order to get a fully comprehensive expert opinion, you can send the doctor and the expert full medical documentation and a photo of your child's health condition (e.g. of an injury, rash, inflammation etc.) so that the expert can evaluate the situation systematically and clear your doubts.
• By consulting a medical expert you will get the information needed and advice, in case you should call an ambulance or go to a certain specialist for further diagnostics.
• A simple way to ask for expert's advice, whenever you need and wherever you are.
• Keeping track of your child's development via 12 functions of a digital diary, from tracking the growth and the weight to breastfeeding or formula feeding, first teeth appearance, temperature and vaccination log, all the way to the special moments you can record like first steps, first words, first birthday etc. It is completely free of charge.
• You can also send all the information from a digital diary to your paediatrician and make communication much easier.
• You can use LittleDot application on multiple devices. It synchronizes automatically so both parents can have the access to the same account.
Who are LittleDot medical experts?
LittleDot experts are medical professionals with over 400 years of experience with children all together. They are experts in the fields of paediatrics, but also gastroenterology, neurology, logopedics, psychiatry, dental medicine and many other medical fields who work with children on a daily basis.
Download LittleDot application today and keep track of your child's development and growth.



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