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Hello, I'm Michela Frisoni, born in Carpegna, a small village in the hinterland of Pesaro, at the foot of the mountain from which it takes its name.
They are the first in a family of five children as a child I always loved .sin fill my life to-do, I hated the boredom, because in my childhood I spent great moments of boredom. I am a very dynamic so much so that today I have a large family and are also a very busy with work. Positive by definition, my glass is always full. When I am faced with a problem I never do get a balance but I try immediately and automatically a solution or if you do not see the solution I try to understand what the opportunities hiding or what is the big reason of personal or evolutionary growth carrying in her womb .I have studied languages ​​in college, first year in Florence in a college cloistered and then Misano Adriatico always in college but somewhat less restrictive ... .not I did the university because in 20 years I got married but I recovered as great because I got other diploma, I played for 10 long years sax, coming first of 180 people the entrance exam at the rossini Conservatory in Pesaro; I am designer CAD designer. Holistic Operator professional SIAF and more.
Today, choosing to live in a beautiful location in Misano Adriatico 800m from the sea and attacked the holy circuit monica but at the same time in the countryside. I decided never to stamp a card in my life and for that I created, along with my life partner and our 6 children, a holistic center in this fantastic place that is for us our house, but also a welcoming place now it houses holistic practitioners and people who need a room to sleep or to organize themed dinners or small meetings or small courses. Man is born to live, not to work. My thought is to make a living doing a job you love and making sure that this love makes you live as if you were not working even a minute of your life because everything is chosen by you, everything is the son of your imagination and your free will.



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