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Ever got lost inside a hospital? Ever wasted time looking for a product in a supermarket? Ever wished you had a map of the building you are in?
The Mapwize app allows you to visualize instantly the interior of any building, position yourself and get directions. It is the perfect extension to traditional outdoor maps (like "Maps" or “Google Maps” for example).
Mapwize aims at gathering the floorplan of every building in the world (airports, train stations, shopping malls, supermarkets, stadiums, hospitals, universities, parkings, etc...)
Are you a building manager? Contact us to freely add the floorplan of your building to Mapwize. Improve visitor experience with detailed maps, powerful search and precise directions, and communicate with your visitors before, during and after their visits.
Indoor maps are seamlessly integrated within traditional outdoor maps, so there are no transition artefacts: all you need to do is zoom in your Mapwize map to enter the building. Mapwize manages all kind of content used to enhance existing indoor and outdoor maps, as for example products in a shop, pieces of art in a museum, phone charging stations in an airport, seats in a concert hall, booths in an exhibition, and more. First aid kits locations, AEDs, emergency exits or extinguishers can be added to the map and become very important in case of emergencies.
Mapwize combines a great number of positioning technologies. While a GPS is perfect outside a building, its accuracy drastically drops when indoors. Mapwize integrates the most popular indoor positioning technologies like BLE beacons (iBeacon and Eddystone) and QR codes to improve accuracy inside buildings.
While the maps of most buildings are available to all users of Mapwize, some private buildings with restricted access are only visible by authorized users. Gaining access to a restricted map is done by entering an access key in the app, received from the building managers. Please get in touch with building managers to request your access key. The Mapwize team will never disclose access keys.
The use of the Mapwize app is free for all users. No account is required. Mapwize is not collecting any personal information through the usage of the app.
Premium features are proposed to companies / venue managers for a price. Please contact Mapwize for details.



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