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MedDNA is mobile and web portal for your complete clinic management. Our goal is to provide easy to use, one touch medical experience for all sections of society, be it rural or urban. It will make both doctors and patients life easy by saving time and empowering in practical ways, enabling the digitalization of prescriptions, appointments, records and documents.
Rule Online
MedNDA offers free registration to medical practitioners as the first and preferred choice. Thanks to our location-based search, you can now expand your clientele and reach out to many more patients than you thought you could.
Zero Filing
Our diligent way of planning turns the dream of zero filing into reality. The entire data gets stored in easy-to access archives and made available online, to streamline your searches!
Conquer Time
We acknowledge the importance of time, which is why our prescription pad feature makes accessing the entire patient’s data possible right away. The data is well organized, which ensures hassle-free availability of the required information.
Why OTP For Our Online Profile
Our Uber like model lets patients choose the closest possible doctor. Register with us to expand your patronage as your profile with us provides excellent visibility and makes you the premiere choice.
Efficient Assessment
Our meticulous compilation of sorted data on diseases, records, treatments, etc is crisply presented in the form of graphs and pie charts, thus contributing in uncompromised efficiency.
Your Appointments Your Way
MedDNA is proud to become your daily planner. It helps you organize appointments and schedules for ALL your patients, without overcomplicating scheduling new appointments or rescheduling existing ones.



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later


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