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MGLRADIO is on April 1, 9, 2009, the first online Internet environment, time began to broadcast from the Republic of Korea. Originally established as it was with the intention of residing and working abroad, studying in Mongolian citizens to prompt his country and around the world because of new information timely.
We started to run WWW.MGLRADIO.COM site on March 31, 12, 2009.
And on December 11, 2009 07 MGLRADIO broadcast TELEVISION first online television ether.
On March 10, 10, 2012 has been tsatssaar MGLRADIO on FM 102.1 waves in Ulaanbaatar.
But on April 31, 10, 2016, waves the country's first online look MGLRADIO 102.1 radio listeners have to use their apyelkyeishing for you.
You can listen to our apyelkyeishiny "Direct" menu can hear directly visited ether esters to MGLRADIO are listening to, as well as audio art zokhioliudyg conducted in the archives.
But the "Read" menu, you can set your news.
: "Breaking news" or "Korean news" and "Broadcast News" and "News". Who was informed opened for him.
And you can watch Youtube and facebook or electronic usage of the radio looks MGLRADIO-FM 102.1 "wave grip tsesrüü" View ".
The latest menu is the "Contact Us" menu. This you can provide us feedback, complaints and wishes.
MGLRADIO supple called the Mongols only radio diaspora, and the proof will you in the future with our listeners and viewers always looking for ways to innovate.
Sincerely MGLRADIO-FM 102.1



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