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ModSoup is a unofficial mobile moderation app for reddit that makes modding on-the-go easier than ever before.
By giving you unrivaled access to desktop and toolbox moderation features on your Android device, ModSoup powers your ability to manage even the most active reddit communities from anywhere. ModSoup’s features include easily managing your moderation queue by approving or removing posts and comments, customization with the same detailed flairs and toolbox removal reasons you have access to on desktop, advanced user statistics, and much more.
And you can also look forward to even more features via ModSoup, including integration with your preferred reddit client, support for toolbox user notes, and more.
ModSoup is in public beta, meaning there may be bugs and crashes. If you encounter one, please report it!



الإصدار: 0.1.1

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android5.0 or later


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