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Molar mass calculation and periodic table.
You can calculate the molar mass of the compound, at the same time, the density, boiling points and melting points will be displayed, the electronegativity of the constituent elements.
How То Calculate Molar Mass (HTCMM)
For example, we need to calculate the molar mass of slaked lime Ca(OH)2
Press the key with the first letter of the chemical symbol of calcium - in this case, "C". The program will form a list of all the chemical elements, the symbol of which begins at "C" (for example, it will include carbon, cadmium, etc.)
From the list choose calcium. The program displays it at the top of the screen, and displays various
characteristics of calcium. In the center of the screen appears the inscription "Molar mass XXX g/mol", the molar mass
You can edit the molecular weight of the element, for example, change it for uranium from tabular 238.0289 to 235.0439 - molecular weight of a particular isotope. The change will be during the current session.
We repeat the procedure until we introduce the entire formula of the substance.
This text (with illustrations) can be called from the application by clicking the "?"



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