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With the app Museums of Asturias you will discover plenty of interesting places to learn more about Asturian culture.
A large selection of forts and archaeological sites, interpretation centers, historical sites, museums and cultural spaces and industrial heritage.
In the West:
■ 12 forts and archaeological sites.
■ 14 interpretation centers.
■ 5 historic sets.
■ 45 museums and cultural spaces.
■ 4 industrial heritage sites.
In the middle:
■ four forts and archaeological sites.
■ 12 centers of interpretation.
■ 7 historic sets.
■ 65 museums and cultural spaces.
■ 7 industrial heritage sites.
In the East:
■ two forts and archaeological sites.
■ 13 interpretation centers.
■ 5 historic sets.
■ 27 museums and cultural spaces.
■ 1 place of industrial heritage.
Museums in Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés and the rest of the Community.
Make tourism in Asturias.
I hope you enjoy it and you find it useful.
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Ribadesella - Llanes - Asturias - Spain



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