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My LifeLabs is an innovative approach to unlocking human potential, powered by platform technologies and driven by everyone’s desire to achieve great things.
Through the My Lifelabs Platform, you can connect with opportunities you want to pursue, and then are supported in your journey to grow your unique potential to thrive. The process is inspired through peer stories, supported through carefully designed learning challenges and mentor championing, and culminates in real-world stories of impact.
My Lifelabs gives you growth and impact journeys that invite, enable, and release your potential to thrive. At the core of the platform are Quests, Missions and stories with each mission progressing through the stages of imagining, growing, creating, and inspiring. Peer and Community interaction is a crucial value exchange in the platform.
App features:
* Learning Quests - Growth and impact journeys that players can pursue and even earn Micro-Certs.
* Engaging Missions - Story templates that include aspirational examples, key criteria and skill challenges.
* Player Stories - Real-world examples of demonstrated success that provide examples of knowledge application.
* Collaboration Opportunities - Players give and receive comments and reviews, supporting each other’s growth.
* Progress Feedback - Real-time metrics on key growth and impact constructs: imagine, grow, create, and inspire.
* Champion Toolkit - Collection of tools that make it easy for champions to support cohorts and mentor growth.
Join the My Lifelabs community, and help us to unlock the potential of everyone to thrive.



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