No Snooze A - Alarm Clock with Classic Music Songs

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No Snooze A
as an
alarm clock app
for your Android device to wake up on time every morning and to avoid being late ever again! Without a snooze feature, once you set it up you must either wake up or turn it off! However, we are sure you’ll always get on time with our inspiring and uplifting classical songs! ️

Are you always late? Do you have problems waking up on time and you ignore the alarm every morning? Well this is the best android alarm clock that will solve your waking up problems. What makes this alarm app so special and different from the others is that each alarm is a classical music song clipped to a mood or a theme. Choose for yourself the perfect way to wake up every morning!

Avoid being late ever again! This alarm clock app offers several different themes including Emergency, Focus and Cheer. Every theme has 1 free alarm and 1 to 3 pro songs giving you the option to choose the music for your sleepy mornings. To get all songs and remove adds on this alarm clock app you need to pay only 1.99$ monetization.
If you ignore your alarm clock every morning and choose to snooze it and go back to sleep, this alarm app doesn’t allow snoozing! You will not be able to snooze the alarm clock and go back to sleep, the only way to stop the ringing is to solve basic math problems. You will never be late again with this no snooze alarm!

✔️ Music songs clipped to themes and moods as alarms
✔️ 24 different themes
✔️ 1 free alarm and 1 to 3 pro songs
✔️ Only 1.99 monetization for all songs and removed adds
✔️ Anti-snooze alarm
✔️ For phones and tablets
The best NEW no snooze alarm clock for your Android is here.
Make sure you wake up on time and in the mood, and never to ignore your alarm again!
Download it now for free!



الإصدار: 1.0.0

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.2 or later


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