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Developed by - Glady Dennyson & Dion George
A) The major objectives behind the making of this app: -
1) General use: -
To achieve concise knowledge with regard to all topics as the information present in these sites stands distinct from each other.
2) Debate Competition: -
During the preparation round i.e. time allotted for debate research, an App that could ease the process of finding quick and all round data.
3)Speech: -
When given a topic, to help an individual by easily providing the meaning of the term as well as a general information regarding the topic, local and international news related to it and finally your personal opinion and quotes to make sure you have all the resources to develop a complete speech.
B) How does it work? Basically, it takes in an input i.e. the word you wish to know about and by clicking on the search button it presents you with 8 options by redirecting you to the following sites-
The meaning of the term. (Oxford Dictionary)
Quotes based on the term. (Brainy quotes)
International News. (Reuters)
Local (Indian) News. (The Hindu)
General information regarding the term. (Wikipedia)
Opinions of people on the subject. (Quora)
Videos with respect to the searched item. (Youtube)
SPECIAL FEATURE- Notepad. As you surf through these sites there will be a shortcut which would direct you to the notepad where you can copy all the important notes.



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.0.3 or later


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