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PSE Watch helps you keep track and analyze stock market data for Philippine Stock Exchange on your mobile or tablet
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Market Indices, Most Active, Top Gainers, and Top Losers List
Alert Notifications via Cloud and SMS (text message to your phone number for free)
- Receive notifications base on Watch price, Cut loss, and Take Profit
Trade Calculator w/ auto break-even calculation
- Keep track of your favorite stocks in one page.
Portfolio (Premium upgrade)
- Record and manage your portfolio. Auto computes unrealized gain/loss. Helps you decide when to sell your
- option to export to excel file
Charting Indicators (can be customize):
- Candle Stick
- Price Close Line Chart
- Volume
- ADX Average Directional Index (Premium upgrade)
- ATR Average True Range (Premium upgrade)
- Bollinger Bands (Premium upgrade)
- Chaikin Money Flow (Premium upgrade)
- Commodity Channel Index (Premium upgrade)
- Ichimoku (premium upgrade)
- MACD Moving Average Convergence/Divergence
- MFI Money Flow Index (Premium upgrade)
- OBV On Balance Volume (Premium upgrade)
- RSI Relative Strength Index (Premium upgrade)
- SMA/EMA Simple Moving Average / Exponential Moving Average
- Stochastic Oscillator (Premium upgrade)
- TSI True Strength Index (Premium upgrade)
- Williams %R (Premium upgrade)
- more indicators to be implemented in the future



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