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This is the companion app to TC-Helicon's Perform-V, a mic-stand mounted vocal processor that opens up a whole new world of performance opportunities for singers.
The Perform-V Companion app offers 1000+ preset sounds which can be instantly transferred when connected with a usb cable or can be "beamed" over-the-air from your Android device to the Perform-V with nothing but your phone or tablets's external speaker.
Simply select a preset, hold your phone or tablet next to Perform-V's room-sense microphone, then press "Beam". The preset takes about 4 seconds to transfer via an audio signal which sounds like a Fax machine or an old computer modem to the human ear.
Expand the sonic capabilities of your Perform-V.
- Search over 1000 presets by Genre, Artist, Song.
- Quickly access recently used presets.
- Mark your favorites for later use.
- Instantly transfer presets by connecting the Perform VK to your phone or tablet with a USB cable
- "Beam" presets using your iPhone or iPad speaker to your Perform-V.
- Automatically receive professionally authored preset update packs as the become available.



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later


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