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Are you a Veterinarian?
Pet owners loves you but have too many customers at the moment? Are you spending too much time following up Pets health records, tracking them and contacting Pet Owners in order to remind them the next vaccination appointment, surgery, imaging etc.? Let the Pets2Vet application do all the work for you so you can spend more time with your customers and their Pets!
You can keep a digital record of all your Pets by uploading their health record (tests results, imaging etc.) safely to our cloud server. With Pets2Vet application you can upload instant pictures from your smartphone or tablet while you are working. With a calendar, auto reminders and instant messages it’s much less likely to miss a forthcoming appointment by a forgetful Pet owner!
The application is synchronising the data with your client’s application so you don’t have to spend extra time sending them the new blood test. Just upload it to your application and the pet owner will get a notification that the blood test for its lovely Pet is available for downloading to their device. Simple, isn’t it? You can also add the date of the next appointment to the calendar and be sure that the Pet owner will get notified on time. Please do not forget to tell your customers to download the application for Free!
Are you a Pet owner?
Are you hardly remember your pet’s next visit to the Vet? Are you looking for its hard-copy record and you can’t find it? Or are you a well organised Pet owner that you have everything under detailed control for your lovely pet? Do you keep a folder with all the medical record printed (test results, X-rays, vaccinations etc.) that you have to carry with you when visiting your vet? Are you taking the folder with you when travelling or going to the park? Either way you need Pets2Vet application! Why? The answer is that from now on you can have everything with you, in your pocket, anytime!
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