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Photo Tools is the Android application, which has the simple interface. It will be helpful for the beginner photographers using the DSLR-cameras.
The app includes three tools:
1.The calculator of the depth of field (further – the DoF-calculator).
2.The calculator of the exposure pairs.
3.The calculator of the sunsets time and the sunrises time.
Difference from full version:
1. You can not restrict the range of values in DoF
2. You can not restrict the range of values in Ev-Pairs
3. You can not search location on the map by address or coordinates.
The DoF-calculator will be helpful at the landscape shooting that needs the maximum depth of field. If you’ll choose the model of your camera and will set the aperture’s value, the focal distance and the distance of the focusing action, you’ll find distant both near limit of the sharpness and the hyperfocal distance. You’ll get the maximum depth of field in shot by focusing at this hyperfocal distance.
The calculator of the exposure pairs is being the special value at the shooting at night time when the built-in exposure meter is lacking for the calculation of the correct time of the exposition (built-in exposure meters can calculate exposure up to 30 seconds only).
Simple example: you wish to shoot the night landscape. The built-in exposure meter shows, that the exposure will be equal to 30 seconds at ISO = 1600 and the aperture = 5.6. But your camera has digital noise at ISO = 1600. If you’ll reduce the sensitivity to ISO = 400, exposure time will be 2 minutes and you’ll cover the aperture to 11, the exposure will increase up to 8 minutes. Photo Tools is created for the calculation of these parameters. The app is able to calculate the exposures up to 512 minutes.
The calculator of sunsets and sunrises allows to find out the time of their beginning. It gives this information about any place of our planet in any day.
It is recommended to have a look at the instruction before the using Photo Tools.
You’ll not find advertising in my applications, because they’ve developed for my own use.
Photo Tools is distributing under the license GPL v3. You can receive the source code of the program under the link:
If you can help with translation into other languages, or you have ideas and offers, or you have found an error in program work, write e-mail to me, please:
Rudy Dordonne (rework EV-pair kernel)



الإصدار: 0.12.2

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android2.3 or later


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