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The program is designed for physicians, medical staff and patients with the calculation of quantities of drugs.
1. Calculates the medication for the rest of the early days, the dose per day and the amount will be given a pill. Supposition.
2. Calculates between the two dates, the required number of pill when administered at a dose a day.
3. Calculates the daily amount used between the two dates, the number of pill known.
4. Calculates the early days, when the number is given in pill, the dose per day and the rest of the day.
Other sections can be accessed by clicking on the title bar: "Start Date", "Pill Amount", "In its day," "End Date".
after the clicked header field turns green, a sign of the appearance of the bill to the result field. The blue input fields are given the desired values. Date given DDMMYY format (pp = 01-31, 01-12 = month, yy = 1900-2999). The program points out, if the date is not formally correct.
for a long time, press Date fields allakka opens, where you can search for and select a desired date.
"CLS" resets the counter to the basic state without the early days. one full of early days of the current day gets by clicking the title.
"<" Delete the last entered character.
The decimal point "." is only available for a daily ration feeding: "0.5", "0.25", "1.75".
The program does not store information for any or no connection with the outside world.
I have made the program their own käyttötarpeeseeni and I hope it will be useful to others.
Feedback and bug reports desired.



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