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Pingtumi is a mobile broadcast messaging service that consolidates push notifications from multiple entities into a single app, enabling anyone to create, discover and subscribe to relevant notifications.
If you are a business or organization that needs to capture the immediate attention of your customers, Pingtumi is the perfect solution for you. Instead of investing in app development or gathering thousands of mobile numbers to send text messages, you can have your customers subscribe to your notification feed on Pingtumi.
If you are a consumer and you are tired of receiving annoying push notifications that miss the mark, subscribe to specific notifications on Pingtumi and only receive the notifications you care about.
We respect your privacy. To use Pingtumi, you don't have to disclose your personal mobile number. We believe your mobile number is private and that only you should control who has access to it. When your subscribers create an account on Pingtumi, they can subscribe to your notifications using their account username.
Each notification you create belongs to a title. We do this to signal intent so your subscribers know in advance what to expect from your notifications. This ensures that they only receive notifications they're interested in. Say goodbye to annoying spam messages or irrelevant notifications cluttering your home screen.
Looking to grab the attention of your subscribers? No need to limit your notifications to written text. With Pingtumi, you can personalize your notifications by adding audio, video maps or images.
Unlike other messaging services that force you to send your message immediately or save as a draft for future distribution, Pingtumi provides a variety of scheduling options. Send your message immediately or schedule by time or location. To schedule by location, create geofences around venues of interest. Your notification will be automatically triggered when subscribers enter or leave your geofence.
Pingtumi also enables you to tag incoming notifications with custom sounds. If you've subscribed to many notifications, you can create a custom sound for each notification title. When the notification arrives, your custom sound will play so you'll know who it's coming from.
Mark your notification as public and:
★ Provide directions to attendees of your event, meetup or conference.
★ Notify your students of important class announcements.
★ Drive return visits to your website and grow your online business.
★ Encourage customers to visit your store when they’re nearby.
★ Alert prospective buyers to your new real estate listing.
★ Schedule private reminders so you don’t forget important events.
Mark your notification as private and:
★ Remind friends and relatives of important events.
★Notify your party or wedding guests about changes in the location or time of the event.
★Communicate cancellation of the little league baseball game to parents.
★ Schedule personal reminders such as remembering to take your medication or take out the trash.
For more information, please visit us at:
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Or install Pingtumi and subscribe to our notification feed at:
We look forward to your comments and suggestions.
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