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Polaris is a cool mobile compass which can be used with or without Wifi/GPS. Its free and you can use it wherever you can take your android device, travel, outdoors, hiking and more..
** The Polaris application requires a magnetic sensor (magnetometer). If this application does not work, please check your specifications or try and calibrate the device.
This compass uses the built-in magnetic sensor to provide the magnetic North and combined with GPS/Wifi reading it can provide the True north bearing.
1. Enabling the location services is supported and provides the true magnetic north readings.
2. Cool graphical theme that works on most devices having the required sensor support.
3. Provides guidelines on sensor calibration if device calibration is required.
4. Battery usage is dependent on features enabled.
5. Minimum permissions required to use this product, we care about your privacy.
The Polaris application depends on the performance of your device. If you feel Polaris is not providing accurate reading then your device might need calibration or might not have the required sensors. Polaris also shows the magnetic field strength. The field might effect the readings of the compass,higher the magnetic field strength the more it would effect the readings.
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