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ALL your club concentrated in your pocket!
• • • • Group lessons • • • •
On page, locate the complete schedule of all our group lessons with the latest schedules, always updated.
Practical: book your place on your smartphone for our current reservation.
Unbeatable: for each group class, find a video demonstration as well as all the information, time and calories burned.
• • • • Notifications • • • •
A displaced over? Exceptional closing? An event not to be missed?
Do not worry, we will keep you instantly wherever you are.
• • • • Assessment Form • • • •
Where are you, a question form?
Whatever your goals, only (e) or with your coach, follow your progress to stay motivated (e). Keep track of your weight and your biometric data over weeks.
• • • • Training • • • •
Your goals.
"What should I do to lose weight? to gain muscle? "Find dozens of programs and sessions customized according to your gender and your goals. Per muscle group, "what exercises to plump buttocks? to develop the mass of chest? "Access an intuitive library +250 detailed exercises with interactive anatomical board.
For novices.
"How do I use this machine? What is it for ? "For each machine, quickly learn HOW and WHY use, with demo VIDEOS performed in our club!
But not only.
Seasoned (e) curious (is) or just want to break the routine?
Choose from 250 years to create the sessions you need.
Fast and easy.
Go directly to each information sheet by scanning the QR code affixed on the machine.
Add all your activities to your history: group courses, programs, training sessions.
Head in the clouds...
"How much weight do I set the last time? "Checklist or detailed monitoring is like you want. Save your performance quickly and follow their evolution over time.
"It is in what series again? "Do not worry, all serious practitioners have been there. With our stopwatch-abacus, not miss any series or not doing more one too. Up to you.
• • • • Partners • • • •
Use your application as a card giving access to privileges reserved only for members of our club. Introduce your application stores in our club partners for exclusive offers.
• • • • Sponsorship • • • •
You sponsored a close? Check your application to learn how our club reward you.
• • • • Practical information • • • •
A question, a suggestion ? Contact us directly from your application.
A doubt on the timetable? Open your application.



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