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The #1 new secure messenger app on the market!
Pronto! allows you to create and send disappearing messages to any of your friends on ANY messaging
app. Most importantly your friends don't even need to have app to see your message.
Unlike standard text messaging where everything you say is stored on phones or in the cloud, Pronto!
Messages are highly encrypted and secured, even when others try and take a screenshot!
Pronto! is the ONLY app that allows you to send disappearing messages to your friends directly through
iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or any other communication app. You can finally securely send
photos, videos, or text messages using any app you normally use to communicate with your friends.
Have fun and be creative with your messages by using our exclusive filters and even write and draw on your
Whether you’re sharing personal matters, romance, political, legal, medical, or financial, Pronto! allows you
to send safe and secure messages through any communication app. With our patented Screenshot
Prevention Mechanism, you can prevent recipients from forwarding, copying or even saving your messages.
Your messages will never be saved even when someone tries to take a screenshot!
Pronto! is a next-generation secure messaging app that protects your private messages even after
they’ve been read! Industrial-strength encryption keeps hackers out, while patented screenshot
protection helps keeps recipients from making and sharing screenshots. Simply create your message
and choose how quickly you’d like the message to self-destruct. It’s that easy!
Our strict privacy policy prevents your data from being misused. All messages are encrypted so that
only your recipient can read them. Pronto! is even HIPAA-compliant so that doctors and medical staff
can securely exchange patient information. Pronto also complies with ABA Model Rules of Professional
Conduct - Confidentiality of Information, Rule 1.6 ©
• #1 New Secure Messaging App On The Market!
• Use Pronto! With ANY Communication App
• Choose How Quickly Messages Self-Destruct
• All Messages Are Encrypted So Only The Recipient Can Read Them
• Screenshot Prevention Mechanism
• Recall ANY Sent Message With The Touch Of A Button!
• Instantly Send Photos, Videos, Or Text Messages
• Have Fun With Our Amazing Filters
• Draw & Write On Photos To Get Your Point Across
• HIPAA-Compliant For Ultimate Privacy Protection
****Starting sending safe and secure text, pictures, and videos with Pronto!
->Chat anonymously , With screenshot Protection Enabled !!
->Chat more Care less , With pronto its now Possible !
->We are always working on getting you more features , So Stay Tuned !
->Instantly chat with others , All just a tap away !



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