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Puppy Lock Screen is a new lock screen with cute Puppy wallpaper.
Puppy Lock Screen is a zipper lock screen which makes home screen attractive.
This zipperlock application provides an attractive lock to your lockscreen which makes phone
unlocking interesting. Puppy zipper lock is very easy to use zipper lock screen.
It consists of cute puppy wallpapers which are available in setting.
You have to choose the puppy wallpaper of your choice from the setting.
There is another option of choosing wallpaper from gallery of mobile phone.
If you are puppy lover then this app is useful for you. Show your puppy love
by using this lockscreen application.
This cute puppy pock screen is simpler to use and unlock.
It is unlocked by dragging the zipper from top to bottom..
Hurry up to download cute Puppy Lock Screen because is available for free.
Puppy lockscreen is compatible with almost maximum number of devices.
*** Features of Puppy Lock Screen :
* Cute collection of puppy wallpaper
* High quality graphics
* Browse wallpaper or image from gallery
* This cute puppy zipper lock screen display digital time and date with attractive font
* Setting option is available for enable or disable zipperlock
* Simpler and easy to unlock
* No pin code or password is required to unlock
*** How to Unlock and use Puppy Lock Screen ?
* Download and install free puppy zipper lock application
* Open the setting activity of zipperlock
* Select wallpaper or browse image from the gallery
* To enable the lock tick the check box
* When puppy Zipper Lock Screen is locked drag the zip handler from top to downward
* zipperlock unlocked by unzip animation
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الإصدار: 1.0

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android2.3 or later


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