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Brazil is the country with the highest number of diagnosis of anxiety disorders in the world. Contrary to what is sold there, it is not possible (nor desirable!) Get rid of anxiety.
When we are in tune with our thinking, feeling and acting, anxiety is experienced as a force that drives us to chase our targets and to seek a better life.
However, when we enter a state of disharmony, we left the present moment and we lived pre-occupied and fearful about the future and its consequences.
Anxiety is this: an exaggerated concern with what is to come. And as we know, anything exaggeration can lead to pain and injury in different areas of life: physical, emotional, social, professional, academic and spiritual.
The best way to learn to deal with anxiety is to know yourself. And respect yourself.
This application was developed in order to inform, clarify and provide more healthy ways to live with the anxiety.
Note: This application does not replace psychotherapy. If you feel the need, look for a psychologist =)



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