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Get Quisk, and enjoy digital payments designed for the modern world.
When you register at your bank for a Quisk account, you can use this app to complete quick and easy transactions through your mobile, all with the push of a button.
The Quisk app enables you to save, spend and manage money that is safely stored in your bank account, including making payments at the register, paying utility or other bills, tracking your rewards, or sending money to family and friends instantly and securely.
All you need to do is ask your bank to register you for a Quisk account. Then transfer funds into your new digital account. Each time you add or spend money, and you will receive an in-app message or text verification.
Finally, while smartphone apps are popular, we all have friends or loved ones who still want to use their simple flip-phone and who might have a different bank or phone company. With Quisk, any Quisk Account Holder with SMS, on any phone, can send or receive money from you, directly into or from your account.
Best of all, because Quisk payments are made by entering the mobile number for this phone and a secret PIN known only to you, if you do not want to expose your phone, leave it at home, or it is lost or stolen, you can still access your account in an emergency or withdraw funds immediately from your bank or ABM—without using minutes, and without requiring a connection or charge.
Use Quisk to:
Top up your account.
Make a purchase anywhere Quisk is accepted – in store or on-line.
Pay bills from the app.
Send money to friends or loved ones.
Make payments or access money without exposing your phone or using minutes.
Manage rewards and cashback offers from participating stores.
Withdraw cash from any bank branch or Quisk enabled ABM.
Access your money in a safe, affordable, and fast way, day or night.
Quisk uses data encryption to protect your data and financial information. Visit for more information or contact your local banker for more details.



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