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Track the progress of your Karate goals much better!
Be informed of classes, schedule changes, course syllabus, and other events happening on and off Dojo by just glancing at the app.
1. Monitor attendance
2. Know test grade scores
3. Keep track of academic performance
4. Ease the payment of fees in just a few clicks!
5. Avail Course Syllabus and other learning materials
About REI
REI Institute of Martial Arts is a Japanese Shotokan Karate Institute in Kochi (India) open to all practitioners of traditional martial arts. The Institute operates in association with Bodhidharma JKS India, one of the only three JKS (Japan Karate Shoto Renmei) affiliated institutions in India.
REI specialise Shotokan style of Karate for over 35 years and have been providing professional Karate training to 10000+ students under 100+ certified instructors at national & international levels.
We provide Karate classes to students regardless of age, gender or religion and we look forward to sculpting the practitioners with real ‘Budo’ Spirit.
Apart from Men’s Karate and Kid’s Karate, REI contributes to women empowerment through self-defence training designed exclusively for women.
REI Institute of Martial Arts have separate youth and adult programs, and students practice Karate in designated beginner, intermediate, or advanced level classes.
REI believe that Karate is much more than a self-defence tool. The way we teach it, Karate is a lifelong pursuit of self-improvement and betterment.



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