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Ramadan Mubarak! The month of Ramadan is approaching fast! So hurry up and download the best islamic wallpaper – the Ramadan 2015 Live Wallpaper! This Ramazan wallpaper is dedicated to all muslim people! If you are a true believer in the power of Allah, and you find pictures of Islam, Mecca, mosques and other Islamic symbols fascinating, try these brand new islamic God backgrounds and feel the presence of Allah always! Praise Allah and Prophet Muhammad with the best Islamic Live Wallpaper! We bring the best images of Allah and the Karbala battle for all the Muslim brothers and sisters around the world who live according to Quran and Five Pillars of Islam. Praise the great heroes who gave their lives for Islam and find the strength in them!
How to set the live wallpaper:
☪ Long press on the screen until a menu comes out. Choose the category live wallpaper, scroll down to Ramadan 2015 Live Wallpaper, open it and select the preferred Allah background image.
☪ Choose the speed and amount of small objects on your screen.
Main features:
☪ You can choose from five beautiful HD backgrounds – more Ramadan 2015 images are added each day!
☪ “Ramadan background” themes ideal for high resolution phones and tablets!
☪ Amazing graphics and vivid colors of this “Ramadan 2015 Live Wallpaper” will make your desktop background look incredibly religious and bright!
Allah is one! While fasting during the Ramadan, Allah wallpapers will give you strength when you need it the most to stay devoted to your Islamic religion. Not eating and drinking during the day through the whole month will be easier when you look at your phone and you see a beautiful Ramadan 2015 Live Wallpaper on your home screen. Show your faith and put Muhammad live wallpaper on your home screen! If you want to enjoy the beauty of the two holiest cities in Islam, then you should choose Mecca live wallpaper and Medina animated background. Allah will be with you even during the other important dates in the Muslim calendar with Eid al-Adha wallpapers and Eid al Ghadeer backgrounds so you can be very proud to be a Muslim.
There is no God but Allah, and the Prophet Mohammed is His Messenger! Check your Islamic calendar 2015.! Is it already time for the Ramadan? Download for free this one and only Ramadan 2015 Live Wallpaper and Allah will be with you even during the other important dates in the Islamic calendar, such as Mawlid, Muharram, Ashura as well as during each day of the year. Listen to the call of the prayer and make the Ramadan wishes. Go to the mosque for salah beauty of Islamic art with pictures of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Take the moon and star live wallpaper and worship your Lord! Spiritual Allah photos are a click away from you. Add lovely and inspirational Islamic quotes and sayings from the Quran and send the Allah blessings to all your friends and family! The sign of Allah on your home screen will make your faith stronger than ever. When the Ramadan arrives the gates of Paradise will be opened! Allah bless all the Muslims!



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