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Sing, Play, Create and Share your music worldwide.
From beginner to professional, nana provides a platform where anyone can join and connect with millions of music lovers just like yourself. Sing and play with any desired instrument, create unique sounds with
audio effects
overdubbing function
, then share it around the world. Record now, be with the world.
- Record your music with the simplest self recording option
- Sing like a star with various voice effects
- Use special effects to spice up your sound even more. (Chipmunk, monster, Echo, Chorus etc.)
- Find guitar or piano or any other instrumental track from song book for Karaoke sessions!
- Collaborate with others and make new music by overdubbing to layer music
- Search for your favorite song to discover how other people have covered the original version.
- Applause or give feedback when you discover new talent!
- Share on Twitter, Facebook, via Email etc with your friends.
- Use it as a recorder to record your original song, rap, script, etc.
- Relay it to others
- Mimic the voice of other famous artists, singers, divas, musical actors, or celebrities
- Use nana as an instant voice recorder to save your important songs or lyrics
- And more....!
【Thank You 4 million Users!!】We've reached the total of 4 million users this June. Thank you so much to all nana users!
"nana" is a new music social platform where you can
record and post your music
very simply. It also allows you to
overdub & collaborate with others to layer music.
So bring your A-game on and
connect with music artists worldwide!
Over 3 million people across the world are waiting for you to get involved right now. Show your music talent, meet millions of music artists just like you, &
create your music fan base!
Enjoy your music time in ""nana""!
*FAQ & Tips:
*Please connect via Wi-Fi for the best experience.
*Android 4.2 and above recommended. May not be compatible with all devices.""



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