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Easily make delicious meals!
Eat healthier, live more comfortably and have more free time with REDMOND appliances.
We’ve compiled a variety of recipes: rich soup, juicy steaks, delicious salads, crispy fried food, amazing ragout, delicious desserts, mouthwatering pastries, homemade bread, oatmeal made with milk, side dishes, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese and much more!
REDMOND is a global company and market leader in household appliances. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing products guaranteed to improve your well-being and help you lead a happy, healthy, and successful life no matter where you are in the world.
REDMOND’s team of professional chefs created a colorful cookbook for each multicooker model. They include a collection of the best, most delicious recipes of various cuisines from around the world.
This is a very easy to use application which has a list of ingredients, clear instructions, convenient headings for the type of dish, colorful photos and tips from REDMOND’s chefs to help you find a dish for every occasion!
You can choose dishes by ingredients, calories, and cook time. Make a menu of your favorite meals, save them to favorites, and add comments to any recipe!
This app allows you to easily make a detailed grocery list for a tasty lunch or family holiday. Now you can easily remember what to buy!
Enjoy delicious meals and more free time with a REDMOND multicooker!
Enjoy your meal!



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