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Here's the news for those who are always looking for fun! Our latest prank app is finally here - Scary Ghost Face Camera Pranks! With new ghost photo editor you can pull pranks on your friends and scare the hell out of them! Now you can apply creepy photo effects and ghost face stickers on your camera. Select a picture from your gallery or take one at the spot and then pick your favorite scary ghost face from our collection of cool and creepy photos. The best part is that you don't need any special image editing skills to add ghost to your photo. All you need is this prank machine! So don't hesitate, download Scary Ghost Face Camera Pranks and give your friends a spine-chilling experience!
Add ghost to photo with the best camera editing software!
Choose a picture from the gallery or take a new one!
Add one of the variety of creepy ghost photo stickers we've provided for you!
Edit the ghost pictures and arrange as you like!
Apply fx camera effects and cool photo stickers on your pics!
Save your ghost photos to the phone gallery!
Share your new spooky pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and get a bunch of likes!
Are you always looking for new "pranks to scare your friends"? If that's the case this creepy photo editor is perfect for you! Select images of spirit from our cool pic collection of "scary ghost faces" and put them in your photos. You can also choose the place of the scary stickers and change the opacity so the picture montage looks more realistic. Great thing is that you don't need any special skills for photo editing to make these scary haunting photos. Install the "ghost prank camera" and in no time you'll be a real pro in horror photo making! With ghost effect photo editor you can always pull pranks and have fun with your friends and family. So grab your chance, download Scary Ghost Face Camera Pranks and let the haunting begin!
Make your own scary ghost photos with the real ghost camera app! Use this prank maker as "something to scare your friends" with! We offer you a wide selction of photo editing stickers. Besides, these ghost stickers are transparent, which only adds to their credibility. All the photo montages you create in this scary photo editor will be so realistic that everyone will believe that there is actually a "ghost in the photo". Spice things up by making the "creepiest ghost photos ever" and watch your friends trembling with fear! Its perfect for Halloween parties, April Fools' Day and sleepovers. This is the best prank app on the market, so download Scary Ghost Face Camera Pranks for your favorite mobile devices and start with the ultimate picture editing!
Use this "funny phone prank with camera" and scary photo effects to spook your friends! If you're looking for fun and always trying to find cool pranks to pull, this "horror photo editor" is the perfect choice for you! With new photo editing stickers you can finally add scary face of ghost to your photos and scare them out of their wits. You can also make haunted ghost pictures that you can later use as lock screen background and scare potential intruders. As you can see, possibilities are endless but there is only one "ghost in photo prank" that is perfect for you! So waste no more time, download "Scary Ghost Face Camera Pranks" completely free of charge and make an amazing photo montage every day!



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