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Welcome to the world of SETMAX CERAMIC, where there is a Rising Up the New Era in the world of porcelain tiles.
SETMAX CERAMIC is a young company definitely open to the future. The company runs with new impulse and energy by a team of young managers who are active in a search for ever different challenges.
SETMAX CERAMIC introduces a new concept of design. It forges a porcelain product that is absolutely modern yet timeless in a balanced mixture of material and designs suitable for extensive areas. What sets SETMAX CERAMIC tiles apart from the rest is a continuous investment in aesthetics. Every collection is the product of meticulous research into market trends in india and abroad, to satisfy virtually every lifestyle and planning need.
SETMAX CERAMIC tiles are recognized as synonymous with style, elegance and perfect taste. Imported technology from Italy & Spain refines the minute details in the tile providing our customer with an outstanding product. SETMAX CERAMIC will be introducing currently "600X600mm" - "150X600mm"in the market and in the future many more sizes & products to cater your needs.



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