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Use sensors to lock\unlock the screen in an easy and immediate way.
Particularly useful for those who have a non-original cover or a broken power button.
Limited battery consumption.
********* PROXIMITY SENSOR' *********
LOCK - Goodbye involuntary actions while the device is in yout pocket.
UNLOCK- You won't have to press the power to unlock the phone!
LOCK AND UNLOCK - The cover will work as a switch, while with a gesture it is possible to invert the screen state.
The power button will be active to allow you to see notifications through a transparent cover.
Warning: A magnetic cover that already supports interaction with the screen may interfere with this app.
********* ACCELEROMETER *********
LOCK - Are they going to detect you while using your cellphone? With a quick movement of the hand the screen will turn off without waking up suspicious! - recommended intermediate sensitivity.
UNLOCK When you take the device from the table, the screen immediatly turns on so you can check the notifications - maximum sensitivity recommended.
LOCK AND UNLOCK - Perform both actions with movement - ecommended medium-low sensitivity.
If the proximity sensor is in "lock" or "lock and unlock" mode, the device will not accidentally wake up with the cover closed.
Caution: The accelerometer has an high battery consumption and is activated only when strictly necessary. After a long period of screen inactivity (currently 4 hours), it is automatically disabled.
****** Notes *******
If you close the app through the task manager, the service will be immediately stopped.
You must activate the service at each system boot.
In case of malfunctions that do not allow you to turn off the app (eg the screen continually goes off), just restart the device (hold down the power button for about 10 seconds).
To be able to efficiently perform all the tasks, you must set up the app as a device administrator. The request is automatic at every start of the service and is disabled when it is terminated.
If you can not uninstall the app (for example, because the service is currently active or has been stopped by the task manager during operation):
1) open the app
2) if active, disable the service
3) try again (in case of problems contact support)
The service may malfunction \ not work on devices with low-end sensors.
Please always report bugs or unsupported devices so we can always improve :)
keywords: screen, shake, shake to lock, shake to unlock, sensors, proximity, accelerometer, cover, lock, unlock, on, off, battery save, movement



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android4.1 or later


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